Drag and Drop tracks in the timeline?

This is my very first post here. I have attached an image of the area of timeline I am talking about. I created a video track of an image overlay for my video. As I was editing and adding to my video, I overlooked that I put another track on top of my overlay. So when it plays that part of the video you won’t see the overlay. Very simple fix… we should be. I want to know, why can’t I drag V9 and place it above V10? It should be that simple, but isn’t. I did correct the problem by creating a new track and cutting and pasting, etc. But it should have been as simple as dragging the video track up.

I appreciate any thoughts. Maybe this is something on a list for a future version…



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Not yet available and already suggested (usually as something like order/move tracks).

BTW, instead of cut and paste, it is simpler to simply move by drag-n-drop. Also, moving clips supports multiple selection while not yet copy/cut/paste.

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