Dr. Strange Effect (Not really but something like that only)

I used shotcut mainly to make this with manual keyframing (Handheld camera shake was very hard to do manually so I used Hitfilm to do that) and Hitfilm express for some motion tracking to do camera shake and 3d explosions. Original shot was shooted on a tripod and I used an extra clip for creating the shake.

I just searched for the term “zodiac signs in circle” on google to get that circle than I just photoshoped it to remove background and to get green color instead of white, then I used some glow but it was not giving the same results as you see in the video, So I just added glow multiple times after exporting the sign and the sign was keyframed manually to move with my hand, then just some blending and then rotation keyframes.

And one more thing that you can’t see in the video is a fade that happens at 6 seconds and that was created with Hitfilm express fractal noise and set matte effect and as I said the explosion was created with Hitfilm 3d compositing. And here is the fade that is hidden behind the explosion:-

So, 80% of the video was created in shotcut and 20% in Hitfilm.
And to give myself a challenge I used my everyday laptop with windows 10, 4gb ram, intel i3 2.8ghz with no graphics cards to create it.

Edit:- I have remade the video and it looks better than the old one.

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This is awesome. Very creative. Good job @Ar_D !

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Thanks, but I don’t think what I did was awesome, And the 5th second of my video was worst as I just tried to go back before the portal came. But at least it was creative.

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