Don't change viewer after append or insert

Shotcut is a great software !
However, coming from Adobe Premiere, I miss a feature :
In premiere, I do select a clip, set an IN point, then an OUT point, then insert my clip in the timeline, then I continue working on this “big clip”, selecting another IN, another OUT, inserting…etc…
In Shotcut, after the clip being inserted in the timeline, the viewer “lost” the selected clip, and I do have to re-select my clip, remember my last position, go to in, and then I can continue with sub-clips selection.

It would be great to have an option to disable this feature, so after inserting / appending a clip to the timelime, the viewer would stay on the clip I was working on.
Had a look in the code, it seems that in the “timelinedock.cpp” file, there is some calls to “selectClipUnderPlayhead” after inserting a clip, which could swap the viewer to the timeline instead of the selected clip ? Am I right ? I could try to do a pull request :wink:

Just press the Esc key to toggle player tabs.

Right !
I learnt a new sho®tcut !

thanks !!!