Dogfooding - Moto Bay Classic

Dogfooding” means to use what you are making. I make various videos with Shotcut including the videos on the YouTube channel - but not enough. Here is my latest from an event last Saturday. I learned about some problems in the course of making this, which I will be trying to fix. This video is from a motorcycle event that I went to last Saturday called the Moto Bay Classic.

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Brilliant - good work Dan! Love the wheelies!! And what a setting, with the bridge in the background. Nice editing.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Nice to see you getting some personal out of the great tool you’ve been creating. I’m not a bike-fetishist :wink: but there were some pretty impressive machines on display there.

Out of interest, care to share the discrepancies in your creation you spotted. Might save someone reporting a problem you already know about.

Were the end credits produced by the new html template polyfill thing? (Sorry, not sure of terminology…).

If so, they are very smooth. :+1::+1:

  • there was a crash while trying to use Crop filter with a WebP image
  • advanced keyframes for Size and Position appear to be quite broken
  • weird stuff happened on the timeline after trying to move two image clips at the end of a track with transition to another track. There was some blank piece that would not go away, but a restart resolved it.
  • after changing length or position of a transparent color clip with text on it and fade in/out opacity, the opacity does not fade smoothly
  • in the text filter, sometimes the lowest part of descenders (parts of characters below the base line) get cut off

Yes they were! That worked great even after some amounts of formatting in the WYSIWYG editor.

Is that an upcoming new feature?

No, it is in 18.08.x series. In Overlay HTML, enable WebVfx Javascript extensions and then click New… That creates a blank document already setup for vertically scrolling credits. Just put some text in, click save, and view it.

That certainly fits with observations we’ve made on these pages recently.

That has a ring of familiarity too :wink:

Thanks for answering our questions which some devs would have regarded as impertinent or just ignored. You have earned immense respect from me, and I’m sure many others in this community for being not only dedicated and effective but by being an all round decent chap.

It is very close to the next release with fixes for the problems I encountered, and I re-rendered this video last night with my development code base. Besides fixing some text getting clipped, black edges on right and bottom removed are fixed (all except 1?).

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