Does it work to mix interlaced and progressive video?


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You can mix progressive and interlace, but Shotcut will not attempt to convert progressive images to interlace images. Regardless, at export time, you can tell the video encoder to use interlace coding, and it will happily accept the progressive frames with no harm done.

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Thank you very much for the quick reply! I make content that is being broadcasted on TV (in a quite small scale. Even for Norway, where everything is small scale…). Am I right to assume that the exported video (h264 interlaced) will look best if it is originally shot in interlaced 50i?

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If you’re delivering to a broadcaster, you had best check with them to make sure they can handle your video. They may have strict requirements regarding progressive/interlaced and 1080/720. Best to send them a test file and have them approve it so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. Worst case they could refuse to broadcast your video.

I found this descsription of Norwegian television:

What is HD?
HD stands for High Definition, or High Definition TV, if you like. This image has up to 5 times as many lines as a regular TV. This means that the image becomes sharper and more details appear. Standard TV pictures (SD) have 576 lines in the picture. HD images have either 720 or 1080. There are also two ways to send the image, either as interlaced or progressive. We will not go into the technical details here, but merely state that a P or I is behind to indicate which transmitter form is used. Progressive is considered the best structure of the image and is especially best in sports, where there are many fast movements in the image. NRK has therefore chosen 720p, while TV 2 HD broadcasts in 1080i. Your terrestrial decoder manages both.

Thank you. Yes I have already sent quite a few programs to the TV-station, most of them assembled in Adobe Premiere, but the last 2 I assembled and exported in Shotcut. They have been both accepted and broadcast :slight_smile:

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