Digitalisation: audio track has not the same delay at the beginning and end of the video

To digitalise my analogue video 8 tape from the year 1988 with an USB Grabber …
-I open Shotcut
-File->open other->Audio/Video Device “OK”
-I choose Export->Lossless->FFV1 with default settings
-Press “Capture File” button

This has worked.

But after, I found out, that the audio track has not the same synchronisation delay at the beginning of the video like at the end of the video. The difference is about 200ms after about 70 min. .

Is there something I can do, to pretend to happen this during the digitalisation process?

(I guess …
Menu->setting->real-time (frame dropping) was activated during the digitalisation.)

Thank you.

Did the grabber come with its own software to capture with? It might be good to capture with the grabber and see if it suffers the same problem.

Yes it’s the same problem with its own software.

In that case, it is probably a problem with the grabber device and not with Shotcut. Maybe you could capture the video in smaller segments (like 10 minutes) so that the drift will not be noticeable and it will be synchronized at the beginning of each segment.

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