Different result if I export through Shotcut than with melt


I am using Shotcut 22.01.30 to export a video made out of other videos and images. When I run the export through Shotcut, everything works as it should. When the export runs, I understand that Shotcut creates a temporary XML mlt file and calls melt to process that. I made a copy of the temporary mlt file and noted the command line arguments Shotcut passes to melt.

When I try run the exact same command through a DOS prompt with the same mlt file I get different results. For one thing, the images specified in the XML file do not show up in the video but I only see blank time instead.

Does anybody have any idea what is the cause of this?

This sounds like a path issue, are the missing images in the exact same folder that the working images/videos are? If you run it from cmd you probably have a different working directory so some relative paths might be wrong.

All files (mlt, media and image) are in the same folder and I run the melt command from the same directory. For the sake of completeness, here it is:

“C:\Program Files\Shotcut\melt” -verbose -progress2 -abort xml:shotcut-GbaGGT.mlt

set environment variable LC_ALL=C

That did the trick, thank you! Can you please explain why it worked?

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