Details of Export Stills settings

I’m looking for explanations of the parameters for exporting a sequence of stills. I’ve got the hang of exporting an entire clip, but now I’d like to export every 100th frame, and haven’t seen any explanation of where that might be specified.

Having looked around for details of specific parameters (GOP, frame rate, sample rate) I’m not seeing anything that directly and specifically controls the number of stills produced, and the interval either by time or number of frames.

I’d be glad to have someone point me to a detailed explanation of the whole stills export process. :slight_smile:

You have to pick each frame manually, there is no automatic process for every Nth frame.

Thanks for the tip Hudson.
That’s what I’ve been doing once I’ve exported all the stills.
In a clip with 6600 stills, it takes an hour to export all the clips, and I’m then deleting 6534 of them. It’s a big use of time; something I was hoping to reduce.

As for the export controls, any guidance on where to find detailed explanations?

Some things have tooltips that can help. but you need to read books or watch videos about video and codecs in general to understand it all. That is not provided with Shotcut, but Shotcut uses industry standard terminology for those things. For this reason, in the new version 18.11, all these options are now hidden behind an Advanced button to encourage users to use the defaults or presets and not shoot themselves in the foot changing things they do not understand.
Popular examples of such a books are Video Demystified and Video Encoding by the Numbers.

Shotcut, thanks for that. I take that to mean that the option choices and layout are transparent, in that they reflect a standard, and only the standard.

Put another way, if there were an option to control the Nth frame export interval, it would be labelled as such, and would do exactly what it says. It wouldn’t be available through indirect or incidental effects…

In my case, it saves me spending a lot of time experimenting, and I’ll just get on with the brute force method.

Perhaps instead of learning a new trade, you could use Windows File Explorer by searching within that sub folder. But I would gather going outside of every 10th, 100th, and 1,000th frame would be more difficult. But since you wanted every 100th, this will work. You still have to export all of them. So the search, the copy/paste to a different folder. I’m sure command prompt there would be a greater possibility to pull off what you’re looking for without learning codecs.

:smile: I’ve been doing something like that. Using a regex search function to identify ranges, e.g. 167-04?*7.png, then moving those to another folder for processing.

Am wondering whether there’s a way of specifying a segment as part of the export process, e.g. export from 02:22:00 - 02:52:00. At present it looks as though I have to export the entire file, so cutting the file into segments seems to be the way forward.

You could use the Copy Timeline to Source function. That will allow you to set an in and out point and export that section.


Sounds good!

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