Deprecated filters will disappear in short future?


Just a question …

Does Deprecated filters will disappear in short future ? Will be create a new one to replace the old filter ?

How can We keep some those filters in shotcut ?

thanks in advance

The following video filters are now deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Shotcut (probably the next one).

  • Rutt-Etra-Izer
  • Swirl
  • Text: 3D
  • Text: HTML

There will undoubtably be replacement filters for some of these, but the replacement filters will not duplicate all of the features. For example there will be a “Rich Text” filter that will “mimic” some of the features of the Text:HTML filter that is being removed, but it will not be able to provide the wide range of HTML5 animation features that Text:HTML does by making use of WebVfx. WebVfx is dependent on a feature of Qt (which Shotcut uses for its user-interface) that no longer exists in the latest version of Qt that Shotcut is migrating to. This is the main reason why these deprecated filters will no longer exist in the very near future.

thanks Elusien for the reply

I will make a video on my portuguese shotcut youtube channel …

Thanks a lot again !

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