Deleting transitions

Good evening,
Faithful user of Shotcut, I allow myself to make a proposal concerning the transitions and that would seem to me useful. The overlap transition creates a new object. When you delete it, you also remove the part of the resources of the concerned clips. In use, I find it penalizing because often, we would like to find the original length of the clips as before the transition. Could we not imagine deleting only the transition and not the merged parts of the resources?
What do you think ?
Hello from France.

I assume you want the clip on each side of the transition to grow 50% of the duration of the transition. The problem is what happens to keyframes especially on the right clip? Simple keyframes are relative to the start and end of the clip but not normal key frames. Maybe many would prefer only the clip on the left expands to occupy the space of the transition. As it stands now, you get to decide without Shotcut interfering with your arrangement.

Thank you Dan for these explanations. My idea was in the most common case of a transition generated by overlapping the start of a right clip on the end of a left clip. In case of deletion, we would find the clips as they were before the transition. In practice, imagine that the user of Shotcut tries a transition and after having explored different variants, he is not satisfied and decides to apply a simple cut. In this case (and this is often the case for me), it is necessary to reconstruct the original length of the clips, which I find quite tedious.
Thank you for the work you do for the community.
Looking forward.

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Bonjour de Reims

Va dans les propriétés de ta transition dans le menu contextuel tu trouveras “couper” ainsi tu retrouveras la fin et le début de tes clips.

Hello from Reims

Go in the properties of your transition in the contextual menu you will find “cut” so you will find the end and the beginning of your clips.

Thank you Galipe, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. This is not the transition “Cut” instead of “Dissolve” but find all the clips without having to lengthen them manually.
A hello from NYONS (Drôme).

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I was thinking before about a suggestion where a feature could be added when you right click on a transition clip it would offer an option to undo the transition by extending both clips at 50% by ripple pushing to the right all the clips on that track. I wonder if it could be done though because transition clips can be moved around independently. So I don’t know if it could be programmed that the transition clip would know when it’s positioned in between its source clips but if it could then it could be something to add.


My .02 cents…

I think most here have discovered you can delete the unwanted transition object and drag the ends of the two clips back to their original positions. However, there is a better way.

Sorry Dan, but if Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 ran on Linux I would be using that. I got totally P.O.ed at Micro$oft and won’t use it any more. (And don’t suggest a VM. The VMs never are able to make use of the Linux file system in my experience. Exasperating and too hard to use.)

In Sony Vegas and Magix Movie Edit Pro (circa 2010) you drag clip B backwards over clip A and a cross dissolve is automatically created. If you change your mind about the duration you simply click and drag clip B where you want to reposition it - and it works perfectly. To add a different transition simple drop the new transition type on top of the dissolve. To remove it - select the transition and delete.

Trouble is, if you have ever used another editor with a feature that worked better you really miss it in Shotcut. No pressure. I appreciate Shotcut as it is now. And Dan has added many desired features in the last couple of years.


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Checkout this excellent tutorial on the work around.

Maybe a remove transition function could be created by automating these steps.


Sorry but this video tutorial is a horrible way to do these things. It is too convoluted and requires doing things that might conflict with other clips and edits. To delete a transition, simply lift or delete the transition without ripple, and use trimming to extend one or both clips to fill in the gap.

There is rarely a need to redo a transition because you can adjust it on either or both ends to change its duration, start, or end. And you can change its Properties. If you really need to redo it to workaround a bug, then you can remove it, trim one clip to fill the clip, and extend the other clip to recreate the transition. (This assumes you know that you can add a transition through trimming by extending a clip over the other.)

Ahh yes.
For me, adjusting the transition does not always workout and I just want to remove it. But most importantly, as per the original post, I want my clips cut and trimmed exactly as before the transition was applied. (assuming this is later, no undo and not remembering how or why I set this trim / cut)

Ok I think I worked out in track technique. Details below if it helps anyone.
Ripple off, Set Head at right end of transition, stretch that join left to erase transition, drag the right clip right until it snaps to the head, stretch the left clip over gap until it snaps to head.
Both left and right clips are back to original size/cut (i hope!)
I guess there still may still be an easier way, always a learning process!


Sorry, spoke too soon.

Dbaeco, this works nice for me. Thanks!

@Dbaeco - nice, thanks for posting. Did you know though, there’s an option “Cut” in the drop-down transitions menu (select the transition, go to properties). An even quicker way of reverting to a cut, if that’s what you want to do.