Deleting the Background


after exporting my video I can see an black background around it and my video hasn’t the hole size.
How can I change this?

I can’t see any settings to change this background.

Guessing here as you haven’t shown us your video result: Either use the crop tool and export to the new resolution/aspect [so as to remove those black borders] or use Handbrake to re-transcode with auto cropping enabled.

it’s not a matter of deleting the background per se…but changing your screen resolution from windows, (or the os you are using), i would first check my display settings by right clicking my desktop and making sure that my video card, (or cards as the case may be), are displaying at the proper resolution. basically any screenshot or video capture that you perform will be saved at these resolutions, and that is how they will display in Shotcut when opened, (i learned this the hard way). so for example, if you are using a flatscreen tv as a computer monitor, and you have resized your desktop to fit the tv because of the overscan…any type of image you capture will be scaled at the resized resolution and not at the resolution you desire…this can be fixed by adjusting your resolution through your os…for example…i use a 60 in flatscreen as one of my monitors…it will display at 1920x1080 by default, but when i plugged in my computer via hdmi, i had to resize the screen to 1804x1014 to compensate for the overscan, and have windows display properly…i accessed my video cards interface and changed my resolution to 1920x1080 even though i had resized my display. now when i either take a screenshot, or capture video…when i open those files in Shotcut, they present correctly. remember that this process will need to be repeated every time you download the latest video drivers for your system… try that and lemme know how it went…i have other fixes i’ll happily share should that not quite take care of it. please bear in mind that i am an avid nvidia user, so i won’t be familiar with the amd interface…hope this helps with your future projects