Deinterlace 50i to 50p during export, advanced?


I am working with alot of FHD 50i clips on a 1080p50 project timeline. When using deinterlace in the convert to edit friendly format, I get a good looking 50p fps video, but it is time (and harddrive) consuming on a big project with many interlaced clips.

Is there a way to achieve the same good 50i to 50p deinterlacing during export of the project?

I have tried the different deinterlacing YADIF and other methods, in the export advanced tab but they all give me 25p videos (or 50p with each frame twice). Can’t find an option to select Bwdif instead of Yadif or an option to convert each field to a frame.

Have I overlooked something or is there a recommended workaround?


Not possible yet.

OK, thank you
Interlaced is probably getting a bit oldfashion, but maybe a suggestion for a future feature for export to include the possibility to select Bwdif deinterlace. Just a suggestion.

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