Debugging symbols


I’ve been using Shotcut now for quite a number of months, I like how it work, but I still feel like I need to save often because of some clean exits to desktop now and then.

Would it be possible when you publish new versions of the tool, to also put aside all the PDBs for the version so people who have development tools can download them to identify issues? Associated with the tagged revisions on github, that should be enough to be able to dig in the program without having to rebuild it, and that would have the benefit of guaranteeing that the code is identical to the official releases.

I really don’t feel like having to learn how to build Shotcut, did that for a couple of projects already and really I hate this part :smiley:

What I would be totally fine doing on the other hand, is to run Shotcut with the Visual Studio debugger attached, so in case of crash I could find the potential problem that led to the crash.

Additionally, despite having tried all the suggestions (memory, cpu, ssd, use low resolution preview, …) I still have Shotcut crawling almost to a halt when I’m doing transitions between cuts that have fade transition, crop and resizing of elements (like picture in picture, webcam commentary, …), text overlays, etc… so having the symbols would also allow me to run some performance profiler to try to see if I can identify where the bottlenecks are.

Does that seem doable?

PDB is specific to MSVC, and we use mingw-w64 gcc instead (cross-compiled on a Linux cloud machine). So

run Shotcut with the Visual Studio debugger attached

does not work.

Look at our Contribute page for our SDKs, which are debug builds, and also make it easier to get started rebuilding after making changes. The debugger for these is gdb or lldb, and Qt Creator provides a GUI to these.

Running with the debugger attached definitely does work, just missing the symbols.

I guess I can try to install the whole QT thing, last time I tried it I really hated the IDE (other that the interface builder).

On the contribute page, do I hate to put all the stuff in C:\Qt, C:\Projects, etc… or will it work if I put that in a subfolder on another drive?

What’s the expected build time with this setup, 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30, 1 hour?

You can use other filesystem locations, but you need to adjust things accordingly. If you are not building code, you will not need to get as much correct for locations and you should not need our special build of Qt either.