Debug WILD TIMESTAMP upon opening a .mts file

Hi upon importing a .mts file I get a lot of these warnings:

[Debug ] [producer avformat] “/backup/7_Media/4_Videos/Archive/Original-01/2017/KinderSymposium_2017/main/Cupka_170211_101709_103034.mts” WILD TIMESTAMP!

and the program hangs. What can I do about it? The file plays ok in VLC, and also in Videos (gnome).

Do you want the file to analyse it?

Thank you

So the problem is with videos that are split by the camera due to filesystem limitation at 4GB. I managed to get this working when I join the .mts files into one.

ffmpeg -i "concat:00000.MTS|00001.MTS|00002.MTS" -c copy output.m2ts

Hope someone will benefit from it also.


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