Debian Using Correct Graphics Card

Hello - I tried running windows and can’t stand it…

Now, I’m considering switching back to Debian - but I’ll need to edit videos, and would like to try Shotcut.

My laptop has 2 video cards. An “Intel UHD 630” and an “nVidia 1060 ti (6GB video ram)”.

Windows uses the UHD card for standard tasks (uses less power, runs cooler), then switches to the 1060 when needed (video games, premiere pro).

…Is there a way to tell Shotcut to use the 1060?

Shotcut only has something included for Windows to use the discrete NVIDIA or AMD GPU. On Linux, you need to manage this yourself. I recommend a web search on “linux use discrete graphics”.

I’ve found that I can tell xorg / x11 to use the Nvidia 1060 only (ignores the 630)…

I still need to research the term you provided…

But it looks like the answer is ‘yes’?

Shotcut will use the 1060 6GB VRAM to render the timeline preview and help render the export?

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