Deaf & Ignorant

That’s a ‘deadly’ combination. I NEED the tutorials but can’t hear them. Are there any text alternatives anywhere?


Try these
Each tutorial has Closed Caption.

Sorry, uh’a - you cannot speak for others in this way. And know that offense is taken never given.


True. Deleting my comment.

You can use that

With autotranslating with G translate inside the browser.

It’s not completly up to date, but the main logic is the same.

@rrggmm Hi, I made a tutorial and put it on on Youtube nearly a year ago, with subtitles. Lots of things are out of date (I used version 17.06!) but it may be useful to you.


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Thanks anyway. Those cover a very few specific questions, none of which I’m prepared to understand, much less their answers. I need a basic tutorial.

Thanks, but throwing my eyes up and down the screen to catch the action and the text simultaneously is mostly beyond me. I’m a slow and deliberate thinker. Captions for me are better than nothing, but barely so.

I took a cursory look at that. I like it. I’d still prefer just a text document with stills but this may be of use, so I’ll look in depth when time allows. Thank you!

Interesting, if laborious, and a heroic effort on the part of this linguist. But as universal as English is compared to these others, I find it ironic that these exist but no English version. My misfortune.

There are keyboard shortcuts for YouTube. Left arrow goes back 5 seconds, right arrow goes ahead 5 seconds. Spacebar stops/starts the video. And in every YouTube video you can slow down or speed up the video.

What exactly do you need help with?

I simply want to learn to use the program start to finish. For still image editing I use GIMP and I’m proficient in its use. I want to develop the same ability for videos. Shotcut seems to be the application of choice. But if I can’t find a reasonable way to learn it I may have to move on to something less capable but with documentation appropriate for me. Learning the program is burden enough without going through all the suggested rigmarole to dig out the information. I’m trying, haven’t yet given up.

More than documentation, patience required. Shotcut isn’t a difficult application to learn ‘without’ documentation.
Incremental learning is best, but does require time. There are no shortcuts to understanding.
One thing I’m curious about, are you editing audio free footage?

The video will have incidental sound. I intend to remove it.