Dai! - video

Ciao ciao from Italy !


Amazing! Very clever use of masking and blending. Bravo to everyone involved in this video.

Clever and creative! The long exposure still photograph and the light wand video creating the painting line up perfectly. How did you do that? Two cameras stacked on top of each other, one does photo and the other does video?


Excellent!! Original and clever. Bravo!! Love the arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon! :+1:

Yes, two cameras stacked horizontally (very nearest).
One, the Nikon D300s, taking the long exposure, the other is Xiaomi Redminote 6, recording HD video.
With the corner pin filter of Shotcut I look for overlap.


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Great art in any aspect! Beautiful and very creative! Also excellent music choice! Did you use a tripod when taking the shots?

I can only say “Bravo” :clap::clap::clap:

Magnifique, beaucoup de créativité en plus du tallent.

:clap: :+1: impressionant

Yes, for long exposure shot is mandatory.
Here you find the arrangement

Nice! :+1: :+1:

Bravo Italia !

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