Cutting video clips in playlist


Let’s say I want to cut a specific 10 seconds clip out of a 5 hour video, and insert the 10 seconds clip into the timeline.

The only way I figured out how to do this is by opening the 5h clip in playlist, manually dragging the two arrows marking start & end of video in an attempt to eyeball-pinpoint the 10 seconds I want, and then choosing insert cut into playlist.

This is often frustratingly hard to do, especially in very long videos. Is there a way to do it just by typing in the exact time the clip is, so say START CLIP: 01:26:03, END CLIP: 01:26:13

I hope this made sense.

EDIT: Turns out Shotcut actually has this option, only it has the weird name of “set ripple delete in/out” that I only accidentally discovered with some forum digging.

Hopefully, this will be made into a more graphically visible option for noobs like me in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can type your time into the current position box. Hit enter. The play head will jump to that time. Then press i for in point. That sets the beginning of the cut.

Type the end time into the current position box. Hit enter. That will put the play head at the new position. Press o for out point.

The section in blue is the marked section. Drag it to the play list or press the + icon to add it to the play list.

Also the keyboard shortcuts are very useful for precise editing.

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ff= Frames
(I learned this the hard way) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you highlight the current position box you can use the mouse wheel or the up/down arrows or page up/down keys to manipulate the time.

Lean to use the keyboard shortcuts. You can seek by 1, 2, 5, or 10 seconds and set in and out. This page can also be reached from the Help menu in the app.