Cut stops after 1 hour

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win 10 64

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Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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if i have a 2 hours video and i cut 1 hour and on an other day the
second hour, after less minutes the play in the timeline stops and
all later pics have the pic of the last normal playing. only if i
save it to an extra file can i cut the rest normally.

Can you please, share a screenshot showing the full timeline, it makes it easier to see what your problem is

the timeline is full from left to right. the cutted 1 hour is away. and on a position is the point
where no running of pictures by mouse-scrolling happens.

I agree. A screenshot would help. I am having trouble understanding the description.

now i had a case where the 2 hours-video was loaded and after
3 minutes i could not scroll in the timeline with the mouse further
time. the picture in the viewer stands at the pic at 03:00 minutes.
i saved the whole video as 265 which needed 5:50 hours and than
i cutted.

ow i had a case where the viewing stopped. than i saved
the rest of the video and as i begun to cut after some minutes
the viewing stopped again after 1 minute in the new video.

if you want to see my new (timeline-)clock, i put it from my arm and made this photo.