Cut, delete and play position

when making two cuts and deleting the gap, the playback position stays “in place”; therefore the playback position is advanced relative to the cut.
it would be better an option to position the reading on the first cut point.
Cut at t and at t+10, after deletion of the interval <t t+10> current position at t+20 (time before deletion) it is therefore necessary to reposition systematically at t.
If an option could position the reading directly to t, it would be better

I agree with you that sometimes it is annoying. And I’d also like to have this option

But there is a workaround.

If you make the t+10 cut first, then the t cut, after you remove the clip the playhead will stay at the t position


thank you for this solution. It’s not that bad.

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Autre solution. Double clic sur un clip sélectionne ce clip et place la tête à son début.

Another solution. Double click on a clip selects this clip and places the head at its beginning.

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