Customizing shortcuts

Another use case for the need of replacing shortcuts is if the user uses a keyboard layout that doesn’t contain latin letters at all.

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A suggestion I made in a related thread a while ago to save on development time, is to create a text file to hold the shortcut configuration so it can be customized. This would save anyone from needing to write a user interface to edit the configuration because all that would be needed is a text editor. That master file should be read only. A second file text would represent an override file. This override file would not be included in the release so that it isn’t over written by a software update, but could be easily created by the user by making a copy of the master shortcut file and editing the copy.


If the design is done cleverly, this can be seen as a step towards the UI version, if a format is used (JSON, perhaps?) and file location that would be the data storage location for the UI when it is created.

Stated another way, when the UI is eventually created for custom shortcuts, it will be an editor UI for the custom shortcut text file; until then, it must be edited manually.