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Yes. Many times I’ve accidentally hit a-key. This caused the cursor to jump to the end of the timeline as it added something to the end. I need to customize shortcut keys, for instance this one. Hitting a shouldn’t do anything for me. Maybe it’s convenient for somebody else but it disturbs me.

But Shotcut can’t modify a simple thing for you because they have several users who loves the shortcut as what they were and even the whole developers will not be interested to do so because they will be not working for a single person’s work and they have lot more to do, but you can customize it yourself because shotcut is opensource so you can code to solve your problem yourself and customize everything or just hire a coding expert, this will solve your problem and shotcut is written in C and C++.

I’m requesting this feature because it’d solve the problem for every user. blender has it. eclipse has it. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make all the shortcuts customizable.

The languages mentioned aren’t my languages. I leave the developments for developers. I’m an end-user.

I didn’t understanded your suggestion, but now I am also with you for adding this feature, but for some reasons developers could not add it, You can also see my example what shotcut posted to me:-

but they could also add it.

Customizing anything isn’t a problem regarding to the licence. Your wish was to have some more or more advanced features in the paid version. I want customizable shortcuts to Shotcut as it is - FOSS. This wouldn’t be in contradiction to the licence if no closed source things are being added.

I understand your problem. But please, don’t speak for every users.

I use the S key all the time for splitting clips. It’s right next to the A key on the keyboard. After almost 3 years using Shotcut, I don’t remember ever hitting A by mistake or having a problem with any of the other shortcuts.

Thank you.


I speak for every user in the matter that every user sometimes want to change a particular shortcut. Haven’t you ever had that wish? If not, I don’t speak for you then. It’s not only about a. My little finger on the left hand has a stronger gravity in direction to keyboard than other fingers. My keyboard is also a bit tilted. It’s an ergonomic split keyboard and it doesn’t fit to my desk otherwise because I also have a graphic tablet there. I’ve also noticed that the second finger from the right on my right hand tends to hit the non-main mouse button and for that reason, I use a vertical mouse. For me, a is the problem. For someone else, another shortcut can be a problem because of the physiology of the body. We have the right to change the shortcuts we use, don’t we?

It is also not a feature that I would put at the top of the task chain. There are other developments in progress and with limited resources most of the time you have to choose where those resources will be most effective.
There is no problem in requesting new features and functions, however, but not on behalf of all users.

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You have the right to make a request for a change. It doesn’t mean it will be fulfilled, or anyone other than you will appreciate nor wants the request.

I am not in favor of this request. I have yet to hit a by accident.

This requests comes up from time to time, and I doubt this will be the last request.

Although I’m not a programmer, I’m curious as to where in the code do the shortcuts exist?

As a software engineer, I can see where adding a full customization of shortcuts capability would be a too-large task for a too-small audience.

However, the same is not true of a page of checkboxes to selectively disable shortcuts. That should be a relatively straightforward software task.

In my case, the “A” key is no problem. For a variety of reasons, I generally keep my hands away from the keyboard and do everything with the mouse.

And that is where the problems start for me.

I have two separate tremor disorders (Parkinsons and Essential), so I can well relate to…

…but that is not something we can expect the designers of our beloved app to compensate for. So I live with my handicap and the annoyance thereof.

My big complaint is double-clicks with a permanent, or drastic or not easily reversed effect.
Because of tremor, many times when my brain commands “Press!” my hand responds “Go it!”, “Got it!” and I have a double click. In most places in most apps, this is merely irritating, but not a very serious. “Dern! I didn’t want to open that. Click ‘Cancel’”
But what keeps happening to me in Shotcut, is that I have an uncommanded double-click, and something vanishes, especially in the Playlist. Ctrl-Z does not get it back. Sometimes this means abandoning my most recent work and going back to the previous backup. (I do Save-As with sequential numbers several times per hour.)
This one I would like to be able to disable.

This is a nonstarter.
I probably have more experience in C++ than any of the designers of Shotcut (an advantage of being very old) and from that experience I have hesitated from diving in to the sourcecode of Shotcut. I have done modification work on existing applications for so much of my career that I know how much time and effort the familiarization with a new code edifice is.
Should I expend all of that effort, only to have it erased, or need to re-tune it, as soon as the next revision of Shotcut is published?

Hire a competent C++ software engineer?
If your YouTube channel has already paid for your 2020 C8 Corvette, perhaps yes. For most this is out of the question.

The current going invoice rate for competent C++ software engineers on a consultant basis ranges between $75 and $250 per hour.

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They are hard-coded across several source files, both QML and C++. This GitHub query locates most of them:

This is a very straight-forward request for a common feature that’s found in other applications. As shown in the source code above, it’s relatively simple to implement compared to other requests that have come through here. (“Simple” meaning not terribly complex to do, but still consumes significant coding time to implement.)

This feature causes zero change of behavior for existing users, but allows extensibility for other users where “append” in their language may not start with the letter “a”. Should the developers choose to implement this, it’s a win for everybody. I am frankly bewildered by the negative responses. “Other priorities are higher” is a reasonable and logical conclusion, but even that is to be determined by the developers.


Not really.

I said I understand why this is a problem for you. I don’t mean you can’t make suggestions on matters that you personally find important. I just don’t like it when people include me in their cause by using the I-speak-for-everybody argument. An argument that is almost never true.


Quote of the day.

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I’ve never accidentally hit A at any time using Shotcut, and my vote is that it’s not a priority over some other features. Maybe a larger keyboard might fix…

“In psychology, the false consensus effect , also known as consensus bias , is a pervasive cognitive bias that causes people to “see their own behavioral choices and judgments as relatively common and appropriate to existing circumstances”.[1] In other words, they assume that their personal qualities, characteristics, beliefs, and actions are relatively widespread through the general population.”



Good illustration

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I am definitely not opposed to making them customizable, and it has been suggested before at least more than once. The developers have simply not gotten around to it based on their priorities and interests. When I consider my expertise, tasks, and interests this is something I thought might have come by now through an open source contribution from a non-regular developer. However, there has been very little of that, in general. It was obvious to me peacecop meant this (see subject) and not just changing one shortcut to match his taste. :slight_smile:


Enough money for buying a macOS magic mouse :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Are you in USA @kagsundaram , if you are, you are wake up at night by me :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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I agree - this would be a great project for a first-time contributor.

There are a couple other places:

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