Custom Zooming/Sliding

I think that we should be able to have a starting and an ending position feature for the “Size and Position” zooming and sliding filters. This would make it so that instead of the zooming and sliding amount being dependent on the time of the clip, it would be the editor’s choice. Also this would make it so that there is no need for the 26 zooming and sliding options.

If the presets do not suit your needs, you can use the advanced keyframing option. This gives you full control and the possibility for setting a start and end point. Just press the stop watch and activate the keyframes panel with Ctrl+7.
Also you could just cut a clip and then apply the filter to only affect the desired length.

Here is a link to our Keyframes tutorial.

Thanks for the help! I really needed it!

My pleasure :smile:.
Additionally to the video linked above, I recommend the following one if you need additional informations: