Custom movit filters


Since I know GLSL I wanted to write my own movit plugin, but I was unable to make shotcut to display it.
Is it possible to create such filters?
If not, will you add support for this? (please!)

Thank you!

Meanwhile I’m playing a bit with WebVFX filters :smiley:

This is not supported at this time, and it is not as simple as writer a shader file. Code is required in MLT and possibly Movit to support it. Also, Shotcut uses a pinned version of Movit that is rather old because newer versions require a higher GL context version that is incompatible with the Qt technologies Shotcut is using. I might switch back to using Movit git master and giving it a dedicated, non-shared GL context with the version it needs at the sacrifice of some optimization (render GL texture to image in CPU RAM instead of integrating Movit’s GL texture into display scene graph).
I see no easy way of making Movit extensible without having to make your own MLT plugin. Easier to use WebGL for now. Support for WebVfx transitions is coming.

Thank you for your detailed response.
I’ll try the WebGL way in order to use GLSL shaders.
Thank you very much!

By the way,

do you have any example filter?

I tried to do it with three.js, but I’m unable to send video data to three.js postproduction shader (I tried to use EffectComposer, don’t know if it is a good idea)

(If I just output some random data like UV coordinates as colors, it works)


Finally, I’ve made my own filter.
More details here