Custom Hotkeys

It would be fantastic to be able to customize our own hotkeys. Besides many other uses, my thought at the moment is if I can have a hotkey do steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in a row automatically which I normally do consistently in many videos. Besides the many other uses of custom hotkeys :slight_smile:


I’d like to add to this and ask if all keyboard shortcuts and mouse modifiers could be configurable. I’ve grown very accustomed to navigating, scrolling, zooming (in an unrelated application) using a certain combination of mouse movements with the Alt Ctrl Shift keys. Being able to go back and forth between two programs without having to remember which sequence to use for each would be a big productivity improvement for me.

Even if the configuration of keyboard shortcuts and mouse modifiers were done via a text file with a big “user beware - make sure know what you are doing” warning, it would still be really helpful.

Yes, I also want this function. The default hotkeys are too complicated for me to finish. Even letting user to edit some text config file will help.

These are two somewhat different requests, at two quite distinct levels of complexity:

  1. @pbattersby’s is simpler, as it only requires remapping (i.e. reconfiguring) already existent shortcuts; @itplainedge’s requires creating new mappings, and with sequences of functions no less.
  2. @pbattersby’s only requires giving users write access to the keyboard shortcut table (and the UI components to do so); @itplainedge’s requires some sort of macro language and/or recording to create sequences of steps, and finally assign them a hotkey.

Fortunately, there are workarounds for both of them, so users don’t have to wait for the day these get implemented (if at all!):

  1. @pbattersby’s can be solved with a key remapper;
  2. @itplainedge’s can be solved using AutoHotKey (on Windows, or similar on other OS’s).
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