Custom hotkeys not saved

I’m using Shotcut 23.09.23 on a german Mac OS 12.6.5.

I assigned a few hotkeys but when reopening shotcut, they are gone.

What can I do to investigate in/solve this issue?

It works for me:

  1. Start Shotcut
  2. Help > Actions and Shortcuts
  3. Set Edit > Cut, Shortcut 2 to Ctrl+X (not command key)
  4. Click the checkmark button to accept it
  5. Close
  6. Quit Shotcut
  7. Start Shotcut
  8. Help > Actions and Shortcuts
  9. See Edit > Cut, Shortcut 2 is set exactly to what I set it to.
  10. Open a project and cut a clip using new shortcut to see that it works.

I suggest you to be very specific about what you did.

Okay… That one worked.

And - weirdly enough - my intended settings also were stored now.

Sorry for bothering.