Cross fade transition doesn't update for audio gain changes

Pretty much per the heading, I’ve noticed that if a cross fade transition is created and then the audio gain filter value of either track is changed, the transition appears to retain the gain from its original creation. Not normally noticeable, but I had some clips where I needed to apply some fairly heavy duty gain changes to equalise volume across the project and the transition volumes were quite extreme. Took a time to diagnose.
The work-around, is to delete the transition and re-create the cross fade - but that is a little fiddly give the need to insert space ahead of overlapping the clips.

Further information which negates the work-around noted above.

First, a better work-arond is to delete the crosfade on the line, pull one clip to fill the gap and then push the other clip over to re-create the cross fade - but shot-cut can be picky about chosing to do this.
If you have cross fades at either end of a clip, any edit of the length of the clip (eg the push/pull noted above) will damage the second cross fade creating the missing audio gain and forcing it to need recreation also. And, of course, this can be a cascade all down the line.
In retrospect, the better way to handle this would be to get the edit “just so” without fades and then create them all at the end (good luck with that) or to pre-edit all clips to equalize their volume.

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