Crop multiple sources

Hello everybody,
I have one record file from OBS with 2x2 HD sources / tiles (e.g. one camera, one green screen camera, one display recording, etc.) and a resolution of 4096 × 2160. My export resolution should be 1090p. I want to show just one tile and and the green screen camera zoomed in one corner. How is the workflow here? Should the project have a resolution of 4096 × 2160 or 1080p? How should I crop the original recording so that I don’t lose quality? I tried it with a resolution of my project of 1080p but there was a loose of quality because I have to zoom the file. It is better to work with original resolution and then export it in HD?

Set the video mode in Shotcut to some 1080p, and use the Crop: Source video filter. Keep in mind that Crop: Source fields’ values are based on the project resolution and not the source. So, you need to express those in terms of 1920x1080. For example to get the top right corner:

  • left: 960
  • bottom: 540

Your choice to record 4096 wide instead of the much more common 3840 might make things more difficult. It depends on what the aspect ratio is. If 16:9 I think it will be OK.

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Thanks, that was the command I didn’t find. I tried it with Crop: Rectangle

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