Crop after chromakey

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I have a problem to crop a video to remove some elements on left and right side:

On videotrack-1 I added a JPG photo.
On videotrack-2 I added a greenscreen video out of camera + advanced chromakey filter

The video on track-2 has a small greenscreen, just enough to put a person before it. In the recorded video is a piece of the wall visible at the left and right side.
When I crop the video on track-2 to remove the pieces of the wall, the photo on track-1 is also cropped.
How can I only crop track-2? (when I use the Flip filter, only track-2 is flipped).

I tried this too:
Rotate and scale filter is working only on Video-2, but I don’t want to scale the video.

Try the Crop: Rectangle filter.
Put it below the Chroma Key filter. Left click the padding color, set the Alpha channel to 0.



That’s the trick!
Thanks Sauron for your solution.

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