Credit Scroll at end of video


I am kind of lost track of what’s the option now for Credit Scroll with the latest version of Shotcut?
My PC crash last week and now that I recovered it, I installed the latest version of Shotcut 20.09.13

I used to work with Elusien’s credit feature … but I think is no longer supported and kind find the link in the Resource page anymore.

Thanks in advance.

The intention is that you can do it with the new Text: Rich, but some bugs in its first version can get in the way. Basically, you enter your text and choose the Scroll Down or Scroll Up preset. If your text height is taller than the background you will need to increase the height of the background (next version adds an overflow option). It is easier to increase the background height before applying the preset. Otherwise, you need to adjust the height both at the beginning and end keyframes. Finally, if you need two columns, use Insert Table in the editor toolbar’s menu.

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Thanks @Leader for the tips.
Will try this out :smile:

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