Creating Speech Bubbles and Adding Color Animated Text+Sparkle

Need advise and suggestions …
I am making this new video on our dogs for kids.
I need to add speech bubble and “crazy” and “fancy”,“sparkling” text around to make it interesting for young ppl.

Is there a way to do it?
So far I could figure out of using SVG speech bubble, plus SP, Simple Text and Opacity filters that has keyframes. Lacking is color changes …
And adding sparkles …
Also the SVG speech bubble … well so far only use Inkscape to create … any better ways to incorporate to SC?

So far what I think SC can produce to my limited abilities and knowledge of SC…

Read @sauron’s posts here from this previous thread. They should give you an idea:

Excellent on Speech Bubbles effect !!! … Thanks a lot @DRM.

Now any ideas thoughts on “special text moving with sparkles” ??
Appreciate some advise … or suggestions.

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