Creating More Video Filters?

I did a radio interview with dan a few weeks back, and off the air, I asked him if it were possible to create new filters and transitions (kind of like how After Effects or Final Cut add extras).

He mentioned it was possible, but a little bit different. He tried to explain it to me… but as an absolute non-programmer… I didn’t really understand

Can anyone point me to how this could be done? I am willing to hire a programmer to create them, but I just need to know where to start

Are you looking to contribute to this project as open source or create non open commercial plugins? If the latter, then you might need to let your programmer figure it out or pay for additional consulting from an expert.

I am not opposed to either. I was just told it was possible, and was showed some sites that had some info (which was over my head). But that was a while ago, and I don’t recall where those sites were. I mostly want to learn how to accomplish it, and then I can pay a coder to build some.

OK, I will put up some basic, starter info on the website in its new “Technical Notes” section. Meanwhile, if you read this thread you can get some idea:

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Excellent! I have a developer willing to create transitions and filters. I will have him look that over.

Here is the new note about getting started writing plugins: