Creating a style with text already in textbox otherwrites text when updating other text

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add some text to the text field after creating a text filter.
  2. Save this as a style.
  3. Select some other text.
  4. And choose the style you just saved.
  5. This then updates that text style but it erases the text and uses what was there when the profile was first saved.

Is erasing the text by design or a bug?

It is probably by design.

When you create a preset all the attributes are saved to the preset, including the text. If that preset is applied to a new text filter with text already in the text box, the preset will update all the filter’s attributes, including the text.

If you want to create a preset for a specific font and positioning, leave the text box empty when saving the preset.

I figured that out.

I suppose it would be handy when adding the same text to things like a watermark or something.


I can confirm that this by design and not a bug.

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Thanks for clarifying.

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