Creating a new video by cropping videos...need help!

Hello there. Just signed up for this one question and I figured the masters of Shotcut are the only ones to go to now. My question is a bit complex so I have a hard time wording it.

I want to create a new video by cropping a few together. For example, I want to crop out a section of video 1 and add it to video 2. Whenever I crop Video 1 and place it on top of video 2, only video 1 appears. Video 1 has only the cropped image and the rest of the video is black. How do I make it where video 1 appears with video 2?
A side question I had is there a way to crop an image better like using Gimp free select tool for videos? I thank you for helping with this!

Wnen you use the Crop:Rectangle make sure you select the Transparent option for “Padding color”.

Wow it worked! Thanks alot!!!

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