Creating a new dir when exporting crashes Shotcut

  1. Export – a “save as” win pops up
  2. Right click >> Create a new dir
  3. Crash!


This is out of our control because we do not make the file dialog; Windows does. Moreover, I do not reproduce it. More than likely some software you have installed has installed a Windows extension that is causing a conflict.

Could not reproduce it.
Windows 10 Home (64 Bit)
Shotcut 18.10.08 (64 Bit)

Just for clarification:
There is no “save as” when Exporting.
“Save As” is for saving the MLT XML project file.

  • Top left corner of “Save As” window shotcut_2018-10-31_02-59-19

Export Video is exporting the project to a video file.

  • Top left corner of “Export Video” window shotcut_2018-10-31_02-58-57


Highly doubt that if it works fine for every time I’ve ever made a new dir in the past decade except when I specifically export with shotcut ;p

It’s done it twice so far – seems like you need to mess with the project a bit first before doing it. I can’t repro it from a vanilla project.

Just for clarification:
There is no “save as” when Exporting.

Oops, meant export

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