Create Time Line

I have a folder with many MP4 video files.
All files have a precise time of creation.
I would create a script that creates a time line with all files in sequence of time.
I also try documentation on how to create scripts shotcut.

Thanks in advance

You can easily get all clips in the timeline in chronological order with the following steps:

  1. Open windows file explorer and view the files sorted by date.
  2. Select the first clip and then “shift-select” the last clip so that all clips are selected
  3. Click and drag the first clip into the Shotcut playlist pane
  4. Select “Add all to timeline” from the playlist menu.

There is a demonstration in this tutorial here:

There is no scripting feature in Shotcut.

Hi Brian
Thanks for your help.
I would try to make a batch file for make this operations.
Could you say where find info?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, not a good thing when people can’t even figure out how to add clips to the time line.
It’s beyond my comprehension why dragging a clip from the playlist to time line doesn’t work.
I would think that that would be one of the first features to implement.
Dragging items somewhere in random order, any time, is a basic functionality of any software.

It is very easy with multiple ways.

Yes it does.

You are trolling; you have been warned.

I do not know how to make a batch file to add clips to the timeline. Shotcut does not have any “scripting” features. Sorry.