Create option to "cancel and finish up" render jobs

So currently when you cancel a job in Shotcut, it just stops in its tracks.
It would be great if we had to options for stopping it. One called “abort” and one called “cancel and finalise” or something.
Abort would cancel the job as usual, but cancel and finalise would finish up the render at the point it was up to so that the file is openable but only complete to that stage of rendering.
This feature would be extremely useful for checking whether an export is going as planned or if you just want to get a quick idea of how it will turn out but don’t want to wait hours for it to finish only to realise you stuffed up something simple.

The second feature is not necessary, since you can export an excerpt.
You click on the timeline menu and select “Copy Timeline to Source”. You can select an excerpt by placing the playhead on the desired start point and press I and then place it on the end point and press O. You can now export this snippet with the preferred settings. (The export is automatically from the source and not the timeline.)

True, but I have found myself at times start a whole export and then I want to stop it but wish I could just view what had been done thus far.