CRC Elements for level 1 Matroska

I work at a university and we´re currently working on a good way to archive our Video files and really like Shotcut. Currently we´re looking at ffv1 Codec with Matroska containers.
Matroska suggests CRC checksums as described here. This is quite important for archival use:
There has been a ticket for ffmpeg to implement this here:
And it has been implemented in ffmpeg since October 2016. As seen here:
So it should be no problem for Shotcut to implement this. In fact it should do it already without any work. So I checked a file using MediaConch and there was no CRC checksum found so apparently Shotcut complies with an old version of ffmpeg(I used the windows executable).
Unfortunatly I couldn´t find out which version of ffmpeg Shotcut uses or since which version ffmpeg supports this. But the newest version of ffmpeg certainly does.
I know that I could compile Shotcut myself with a newer version of ffmpeg but I´d like to save the trouble of doing that.
So which version of ffmpeg are you using and do you plan on compiling with a newer one soon?

Shotcut comes with ffmpeg command line utilities including ffmpeg, ffprobe, and ffplay. You can run one of them and see what version it is using. Currently, it is n3.0.6. I do not know exactly when I will upgrade, but it should be fairly soon because it has been awhile. It will be noted in the release notes.