Crashing durring COIVD right now?

No matter what i do my shotcut keeps crashing every 60 seconds, only since the COVID thing. Is tehre anything I can do?

Try to figure out if it is always crashing in the same project or any new project (even simply for testing) as well.

ok thank you will do!

I tried starting a new project but its not as “intricate” so im wondering if it will wind up just crashing as i get deeper into it.
my internet seems fine, speed wise, maybe its just the influx of people on the internet? But i tried at all times of day, but i know around the world they might be logging on when people are logging off over here, but i dont know if that would necessaryily slow down my connection with shot cut.
I did update to the 64 bit windows version, but i have a 2016 computer so that is the correct version, im guessing.

i was thinking, do i possibly need to load shot cut up, then let the file sit there for a long time to see if maybe its uploading to the program and thats why its crashing because im going to work on it right away? I never had a problem b4 COVID so thats why i thought maybe the internet is just slow and causing it to crash? i dunno if theres anything i can reconfigure or what not?

Shotcut runs on your computer.
The only internet connection you need is to download the installer.

Once Shotcut is installed you can unplug from the internet if you want to and Shotcut will run.

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