Crashes when switching to Audio Tab

Windows 11 pro core i9 64GB GTX1060 shotcut v 23.09.29 (thanks MusicalBox)
when in edit tab, everything works fine, as soon as I switch to the Audio tab = crash. it will keep crashing until I recover the project and quickly switch back to the edit tab.

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
All I have to do is load any mkv video file and switch tabs, instant crash everytime.

This is not your Shotcut version. You probably opened Help > About QT
To get your Shotcut version, go to to Help > About Shotcut

Just to be clear, those are Layouts, not tabs


I imported a MKV video in Shotcut but I did not experienced this problem.

Did you try with different MKV files or just one?

I almost use MKV, no problems with Audio (which incidentally the panels are displayed by default in my configuration)

Thanks, MusicalBox, This happens with just random files when I switch layouts from editing to Audio.

Probably related to