Crashes when Limiter or Compressor added with mono

Howdy all,

I’m repeatedly experiencing a crash on whenever I try to add a Compressor or Limiter.

It may happen with other filters as well, however I can’t get far enough to try any of them before it all shuts down.

System is i7 2600 @ 3.4GHz
24GB Ram
Win 10 64-bit

Running SC 19.08.16

If I’ve added the filter and saved before it crashes, then I am unable to successfully open the file again without it crashing immediately, and then I have to start a new file in order to continue editing.

Any help or advice is appreciated!



Is this on a video clip or an audio clip?

Have you tried on other video/audio files to see if it crashes also?

Does the crash happen right after applying the filter or does something else have to be done with the filters before it crashes?

Sorry, I should have stipulated.

This is on a video clip. It happens when adding the filter to either the combined audio/video, or also if I separate the audio track from the video and try and do it that way.

It happens as soon as I check the box to include the filter.

There have been a few times where it has not crashed straight away, however it may only have been 3 times out of 20.

It happens with any video clip I try to use.

I have left pretty much all of the settings at default, so I can’t see it being something I may have changed, etc. I try not to fiddle too much so as to avoid these kinds of situations. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve just realised that it happens as soon as I try to select/add the filter. Most of the time it doesn’t let me get to the stage where I can use the check-box.

Looks like it may be an audio setting issue.

The log presents as follows:

[Info ] MainWindow::showStatusMessage “Checking for upgrade…”
[Debug ] MainWindow::open “C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Meltytech/Shotcut/untitled.mlt”
[Debug ] MltXmlChecker::check begin
[Debug ] MltXmlChecker::check end
[Info ] MainWindow::open decimal point ‘.’
[Debug ] MainWindow::onUpgradeCheckFinished response: "{\n “version_number”: 190816,\n “version_string”: “19.08.16”,\n “url”: ""\n}\n"
[Info ] MainWindow::showStatusMessage “You are running the latest version of Shotcut.”
[Debug ] MainWindow::setAudioChannels 2
[Debug ] Mlt::Controller::setAudioChannels 2
[Debug ] LeapNetworkListener::onDisconnected Disconnected from Leap Motion
[Debug ] LeapNetworkListener::onError Leap Motion WebSocket error: “Connection refused”
[Debug ] MainWindow::open “C:\Users\User\Videos\MS500Teardown\MS500Teardown.mlt”
[Info ] MainWindow::showStatusMessage “Opening C:\Users\User\Videos\MS500Teardown\MS500Teardown.mlt”
[Debug ] MltXmlChecker::check begin
[Info ] MltXmlChecker::check decimal point ‘.’
[Debug ] MltXmlChecker::check end
[Info ] MainWindow::open decimal point ‘.’
[Debug ] Mlt::Controller::setProjectFolder project folder “C:/Users/User/Videos/MS500Teardown”
[Debug ] MainWindow::setAudioChannels 1
[Debug ] Mlt::Controller::setAudioChannels 1
[Debug ] [producer avformat] audio: total_streams 1 max_stream 1 total_channels 1 max_channels 1
[Debug ] [mlt_producer avformat-novalidate] “C:/Users/User/Videos/MS500Ohaul/MS500_Ohaul.mp4” checking VFR: pkt.duration %I64d
[Debug ] TimelineDock::setSelection Changing selection to () trackIndex -1 isMultitrack true
[Info ] MainWindow::open “C:\Users\User\Videos\MS500Teardown\MS500Teardown.mlt”
[Warning] [filter ladspa.1913] Not compatible with 1 channels. Requesting 2 channels instead.

That last line could indicate some kind of conflict, for some reason.

As I’m just using a single channel of audio, I thought it best to select “Mono” in Audio settings.

Anybody have any thoughts on why this could be causing an issue??

Thanks in advance,


Looks like this may have been the issue.

I managed to get it to launch successfully and run long enough to change the audio settings to “Stereo/2Ch”, saved it and began editing again.

Have successfully added, removed and adjusted audio filters without fault.

Hope someone finds this of use.

Regards to all,


I will add a filter metadata flag to these filters to remove them from the list of filters if they are incompatible with the channels configuration. Thanks for helping to find it.

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I found the root cause of this bug and was able to fix it for the next version 19.09 without the need to disable these filters in mono.

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Glad to have helped, Dan.

Thanks for your response and action to remedy. You do a great job. :+1:

Looking forward to loving this software even more!


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