Crashes out when working with Size, Position & Rotate

Shotcut version 20.10.31
Windows 10

It happens to me a lot when trying to work with the Size, Position & Rotate filter’s fields for Position, Size, or Zoom. The program freezes as I type in values and then disappears. It doesn’t happen exactly in the same way every time. But it doesn’t take long to trigger it. I had an older version previously that did not do this.

There are several fixes for this filter in version 20.11.25.

Wow, haha. I guess I should’ve checked for an update tonight. Ok, a quick try and I couldn’t get it to crash. Probably good to go.

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Probably the following from the new version release notes:

  • Fixed Size, Position & Rotate filter when a size value becomes 0, possibly while editing the field (broke in v20.10).
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Thanks. I also saw the numbers changing in the field I was typing into, and the play head moving on the keyframe, but I saw that was another fix under changes.


Running Shotcut 20.11.28 on Windows 10 PC.

Many thanks to those who’ve developed this app; so glad I found it.

Shotcut is crashing for me when I do just about anything within Size, Position & Rotate filter. For example when I enter different numbers into the Position, Size or Zoom text boxes.

Also just had a crash when trying to zoom in/out of the main timeline. Maybe there is a general problem with my computer’s compatibility with Shotcut. The editing features have been working fine; seems the FX are throwing it off.


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same version, same problem. i hope this gets fixed soon as some of my videos incorporate this feature.

@Marshall, are you still having the same problem with Size, Position & Rotate?

Hi,here i got the same problem. Every time, when i want to work with size and zoom the program crash.
Since the last update the program works very unstable.

I haven’t used the program much since I posted the problem, but just opened it and tried to replicate, and was unable to make it crash. I don’t think I’ve updated Shotcut recently. But when I had the problem, I may have had more windows/programs open which could have created a memory problem.

It might be helpful if the zoom, position etc. text boxes were not so responsive. If I click in the zoom and start typing “140%”, as soon as I type the “1” the program resizes the video to 1%, then again to 14% when I type the “4”, etc. I hear my computer fan spin up with all that resizing and it may have caused the crash earlier. Maybe the text boxes could be made to register only once you’ve hit Enter or clicked away from the box.


This is still a problem for me, I am running the latest version of Shotcut. Hopfully they will be able to fix it soon.

Does it happen like my video in the first post?

I’ve been trying to use the Zoom In setting for JPG images, and when I change the zoom percentage, or reset the Fill or Fit option, the program crashes. I’ve tried this with version 21.02.27 and the previous one, 21.01.29, with the same problem. I am running Windows, most recent update. It looks like this has been a problem for a few others, for quite some time. Any way to work around it?

Hi !
I’m using the Shotcut 21.05.01 and I have this issue each time I want to change the default setting of a preset in “Size, Position & Rotate”.
For example, I pick the “Slow zoom in” for a clip.
The default values are “100% to 110%”.
If I try to edit the final zoom level to 130%, Shotcut starts freezing then crashes.
I have tried different ways to edit the values :

  • double click on the value then typing something
  • click on the value and moving mouse

I have tried to edit the xml file of the project to change settings manually, but I could not understand where and how the zoom values are written.

Your problem in version 21.05.01 is probably due to this bug:

I am preparing to publish a new version 21.05.18 as I write…

Maybe it’s too complicated for my little experience in video editing (keyframes are a little mysterious for me).
Should I understand that you will fix this bug in the 21.05.18 version ?
Thanks for this great software, by the way.