Crashes on Windows 10

Hi, I’m using a Shotcut for over a year now(some basic editing and also some youtube videos for fun).
And my biggest problem for now is that it’s crashing like 2-3 times average on a single project.

It’s actualy random but it happens more on a cretain situations:

  • draging clip from preview into timeline
  • sometimes just only when playing track to check video edit
  • when I open .mlt project

And I stopped using GPU mode because when it crashes in this mode and then I open .mlt project it crashes on startup so my job on this video was lost. And when I want to open in CPU mode it dont allow it because it ask to enable GPU mode. But sometimes when a project crashes on a startup it helps to open it in gpu mode, then export “work in progress” and the create new project to finish the job.

I was experimenting with GPU and CPU mode and also with the Display settings Auto/OpenGL/DirectX
For now I think it works the same with the Open GL and DirectX. I was switching them using one on a cretain project and second on other to see if there’re some improvements and I observed they’re the same. Same performance, same crashes.

It’ll be helpful to add a some kind of tool to the program so when it crashes it sends a report to you. And then you can work with all the information delivered. Or maybe there’s something like this but I don’t know?

And other bug I observed it’s when you use text filter it sometimes produce a sound distortion(like clipping sound). It happens more often when you use text filters in multiple short tracks (like 5-10 frames). To make a fast changing texts popups on a screen effect.

My system specs: Windows 10, i5 4570, Radeon R9 270, Gigabyte B85M HD3 rev.1.1, 16GB Ram, Samsung SSD EVO(system disk), 2x 1TB Hard Drives.

Sorry for my grammar… I mean no grammar at all.

PS. I also use a SB Omni external sound card but I don’t think it can cause problems.
I use latest version of shotcut.

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I will not add automated crash reporting while this is not a full time occupation. I do not have time to read tens or hundreds of crash reports a day. This project is mostly just for the joy of it, and that would remove the joy and make me stop working on Shotcut. Also, most crash reports do not describe the steps leading up to the crash. I usually need to reproduce the problem so that I can figure it out and know it is fixed.

Fixes for some of the crashes depends upon more developers contributing and the developers actually using the product more. Both of those are a problem at the moment.

Hi, I appreciate your response.

So maybe I’ll be a good idea to add a pattern to describe a bug into “About the Bug category” so it’ll be easier for us to report a bug, and for you to fix them(like recommended to add a video to exactly see how it happens). Not everyone knows that and maybe some people who want to help but they don’t know how, will be motivated to do so.

Also for subscribers on this forum they don’t know what kind of help do you need for the project. Maybe if you tell people what you need, they will help you on shotcut just for satisfaction and making it better in they free time.

For example if you don’t have enough time for making monthly tutorial or you just don’t enjoy making them, someone on this forum can talk to you to make them. Then you can see if that person is making a good or bad. If you appreciate and think they can make tutorial you can assign that person for making tutorials. Later you just provide a topic of the tutorial and before posting it on forum you can watch them to approve or make some tweaks and approve it after.

And maybe some people like to read hundreds pages of bug reports? You don’t know :grin: /jk

Maybe you don’t want other people help because it’s actually you project and you can make what you want,
I dont know. That is my little suggestion, I really don’t want to say you what to do. I just want to help and make a shotcut better because I like it, your work on this project and I see a potential in this program. And maybe I’m just naive but I think there’s more people there who think like me.

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I think you make a good point. We are not very good at asking for help. I think that sometimes it does not occur to us because we get discouraged when some people are so demanding.

As for your crashing problem, the best way to move forward is if you can provide a precise set of steps that will reproduce the issue reliably. This can be the frustrating part of fixing bugs - but it is the most important. I agree with Dan that crash reports from the application are usually not enough to fix the problem - we need to reproduce the problem in order to fix it.

I’m actually working on this. I think I’ll post video and a description to it.

I think you should ask contributors if they can help, sometimes you will get a response, sometimes you don’t.

But I think there’s more satisfaction when someone want to contribute not only in money but actually in development on your time free project. That idea with the video tutorials it was actually my first idea what I can make to help you(but I’m not native English speaker so it will be quite challenging).

I don’t know what you I can add in this topic for now. I was actually curious how you respond to my bug report, because idk how many bug reports you receive and maybe for now there some serious stuff in development process that can make more bugs and maybe there is no point at all for fixing them now.
I’m glad you guys responded and I hope we can all make this project better :wink:

I’ll add a video anytime soon that w’ll provide some “full information” about bugs so you guys can attempt to fix them :wink:

Closing this because “it crashes” with little information is not usable, actionable information. I realize you provided some information, but bug reports should be focused to realize resolution. We will let this Github issue track “dragging clip from preview into timeline.”

Also, the latest version now includes a crash reporter for Windows in non-release, debug developer builds. I need to see what can be done for Linux. We have a Windows SDK that is not yet public that builds this way. I plan to make it public soon and provide better information on the web site about how to get that setup.