Crash after <Ctrl/Z> in certain case

After moving a clip from right to left so that it is overlapping with the previous clip
the reverting <Ctrl/Z> produces a crash. If the moving operation doesn’t create an overlapping it works.
It happens with all Shotcut versions a tested (22.10, 22.12, 23.06).
(Linux Mint 21, several Shotcut versions (22,23) downloaded as portable tar)

Thanks for reporting it, but I could not reproduce it over multiple tries with various clip positions and ripple options.

I understand that it may be difficult to reproduce the effect because it may depend from many circumstances.
So at first I’ve made a small screencast video to show you that it is real on my pc.
But I’ve no idea which information could be usefull for you.
This ist ShotCut 22.10 (I#M using it until now because the 23 versions make an other problem which I’ll report separatly), but the effect I have also with 23 versions.