Crackle/pop in Audio - NOT CLIPPING

I’m using my own music in a video. When I render the project the result is some crackle pop sounds right when it starts.

My original audio is not clipping. I haven’t touched the volume in the editor.

Audio used is PCM 32-bit float @ 44100.

You can hear it here:

Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I’m having the same problem. The only two assets my video has is a single-shot phone camera video with muted audio and a separate .wav file overlaid onto it. The audio track starts directly at 0:00 but the crackle happens about a half second after the video start, and I’ve also confirmed that the crackle doesn’t happen in the original audio.

I’m exporting using the “H.264 High Profile” setting, the only change being that parallel processing is disabled.

What version of Shotcut are you using?

19.02.28, looks like that should be the newest version. However I did have an older version when I first created the .mlt project file, so I don’t know whether it’s maybe something to do with the way the file was created with the older version.