Corrupting causing black screen

Hello, I’ve had shotcut for a few months now and every once in a while (now every project I do) I export the video to the YouTube preset and everything is fine till I upload it to YouTube and at some point of the video, the screen turns black and the audio is gone. But the text still pops up and pictures I’ve added to the screen but everything is black. I’ve had a 30 minute video go black 2 mins in and I never got the original footage back. I’m not sure if it’s the screen recording program I’m using, (quick time player) or its this. Plz help? YT: Mr_GraeGrae look at the video named: Minecraft survival | Emeralds Galore!! | Ep: 10 (corrupt) to see what I mean

Shotcut doesn’t change any of your source files.

Need a lot more information from you to offer any assistance. Source file information, computer specifications, operating system, Shotcut version, video mode, etc.

Bug reports are detailed instructions that anyone could follow to get the same exact results you are experiencing.

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