Corrupted file

Hey guys,

My file seems to have been corrupted in a weird way. The timeline for my video has disappeared, and the order/length of my video has been completely screwed up, with audio and video separating.

I use Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 10.0.19042 Build 19042, Shotcut version 21.05.18

You can notice that there are “numbers”, but I can’t use the timeline and playing the video has all the edits erased.

Help would be appreciated, I’ve spent 20 hours on this project by now and having it erased would be demoralizing.

More than likely the Timeline is gone since Project player is now playing the Playlist (that is normal behavior when the timeline is not used). You can upload your project file here to verify that, but maybe you have a backup if you are taking advantage of Windows’ file history feature.

OhvSzylagibackup.mlt (40.9 KB)

Closing the playlist does not allow for the timeline to reappear. Any idea how to restore this? That was the background file.

Unfortunately, I do not use the file history feature.

I can confirm from your .mlt file that the timeline is not there at all. Unless you have a copy, or saved as a different name, you will have to re-create it.

Understood, thank you. Will the timeline appear in a new project?

Yes. Or you can continue working with this project by dragging clips into the timeline.

Thank you. Was it a file corruption? What should I do next time to make sure that this doesn’t happen?

Unfortunately, we do not know what may have happened to it.

It is a good practice to save a backup of your progress periodically as you work. For example, every hour you could “Save As” you project and give it a new name - consider putting a date/time in the file name to remind yourself where that “snapshot” was taken.