Corrupted audio tracks after adding MLT as clip

Shotcut: v. 20.02.02 BETA
OS: Linux Mint 18.1-64-KDE


I’ve a seriously problem with adding a MLT as clip…

The first two pictures shows, without MLT as clip, the length of the audio clips and how an overlapping looks:

Then with a MLT as clip:

The MLT is the Outro, which I have already used before…
I restarted Shotcut several times, removed audio clips, added as new, but still not working correctly…

I am very glad, that I haven’t saved it!

Maybe the thread is obsolete…

The MLT (the Outro) was in 19201080 @ 60 FPS.
I saved the same Outro in 1920
1080 @ 30 FPS, imported it as clip, and it seems that things works as desired.

It is a known limitation (mentioned a couple of times in the forum) of MLT XML as Clip that they need to have the same frame rate.

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