Copy Paste One Clip From a Project to Another Changes Timing

What is your operating system? Microsoft Windows 10 Home

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21.10.31 and 64 Bit

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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I had 2 shotcut projects open in 2 different shotcut. I copied one clip from one project 1 and pasted it to project 2.

Lets say Project 1 had multiple clips I had cut from a bigger video

It moves the edited clips time frames I already had in project 1. So lets say in project 1 I had a clip which I had cut from a larger clip. If that video clip I had cut was from 00:10:13-00:10:16…3 seconds then the 3 second clip will remain. It does not change the 3 seconds that were cut, but it will shift from WHERE it was cut. So it might shift it being cut 3 seconds later then I had cut it 00:10:16-00:10:19 or shift it down instead. It basically changes where in the video i had cut it from the larger clip up or down. Initially I was copying 10-15 clips from project 2 and pasting it into project 1 so I thought it might be due to too many clips being pasted. I then tried copy and pasting one by one from project 2 to project 1 and for some clips it would not affect the project 1 but then for some it would. I even locked the video track for project 1 and then pasted clips from project 2 but it would still change where those clips were cut.

The two different projects are different resolution and fps but still for some clips I copy paste it does not shift the time frame in project 1 but for some it does.

Do the 2 projects have the same video mode (reolution & fps)?

The two projects have different fps and different resolutions! But I dont know why that would change the edited position ? So if I cut a clip from point a - point b then that cut clips timeframe where it was cut shouldnt change if I pasted something from a different project. Atleast I would think so

Also I just tried doing it with 2 different projects with different FPS and resolution. So when I copy 1 clip from Project 2 to project 1 it does not shift the edited clips in Project 1 (the time frames where they were cut). But when I paste 2 or 3 clips in Project 1 the places where I had my original cut out clips those time frames change. Also I tried copying 1 by one and eventually some copy pasted clip changes the time frame. Then i copied them all at once to past and same thing happens.

I did not reproduce it when going from a 29.97 to 25 fps project, and when going from 29.97 to 59.94, the in point was off by one frame. When copying the XML that is using time values with millisecond precision is placed on the clipboard. If the project frame rates are different, how this time maps to a frame in the destination project might be off by one frame like this. If you are having a major difference (“3 seconds later”) then it might actually have a problem seeking on your source video. However, your descriptions are also a little confusing for me.

Also I just tried doing it with 2 different projects with different FPS and resolution.

Repeating the same thing.

I messaged you the video of what happens

I pasted 3 clips from project 2 at the very end of project 1. Which has a resolution of 1920x 1080 and 23.97 fps…to project 1 which has 854 x 480 and 25fps.

All the prexisting clips cuts I had in project 1 changed what time frame they were cut from. The cuts remained the same so if a clip was 5 sec cut, 4 sec cut , 3 sec cut from a bigger video but instead they shifted the timings of the cut

So my clips shifted what timings they were cut…

My first clip was 10 seconds cut from a larger clip but that 10 seconds shifted 45 seconds forward. So i still have the 10 second cut but the cut is from 45 seconds later.

So if you need clarification or if you need a video showing what happens I can provide that as well

@mangaislife1 shared a screencast video that clarified this for me. I was looking for the shift in the clips that were pasted, but that is not it. It is shifting other clips in the target project (where paste occurs). This happens because the video mode of the target project was changed to the same as the project from which the clips were copied. This is observed in Output > Properties but not in Settings > Video Mode and only in Export after clicking Reset. And yeah, it only happens when copying more than one clip.

This is fixed for the next version 21.12!

Thank you ! I appreciate the help and feedback. It also sometimes used to happen if I pasted a lot of clips one by one. So lets say I had to copy 10 clips. Maybe for 4 or 5 clips when I did it one by one it wouldnt but then it would eventually for one clip.

@shotcut is this fixed for the beta currently?

No. It is fixed for the next release.