Copy/Balance channel Left to Left

When I try to use these filters (for one specific video) they are grayed out and I can’t get any audio on the right channel.

A couple things to check for:

  • Source clip actually has 2 channels (stereo)
    Click on the source clip, then Properties, Audio Tab

  • Project settings are for 2 channels.

Look in Keyframes. You probably have simple keyframes defined. When that is the case, you cannot edit the values while the playhead is in the middle of the incoming or outgoing animation:

You need to move the playhead to the beginning, middle, or end of the clip to change the value at those positions. You can use the |< or >| icons in the keyframe track header to move the playhead to each editable position. If you want to remove the simple keyframe, double-click the little black circle with white outline.

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